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L'APERITIF - Italian Design in Asia


Date: October 06, 2015

Hours: 7pm to 9.30pm,

Place: The Working Capitol


Fringe event of The Archifest 2015, L'APERITIF-Italian Design in Asia is a open dialogue, aperitif and networking night between Italian and Singaporean architects who will shed light on both the benefits of the past and the future associated to the practice of design and how different design cultures can learn from each other.


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Digital tools for design and advance Advance Design Workshop


Date: May 27, 2015

Hours: 4pm to 8pm,

Place: National Design Center


The Advanced Design Workshop is a special event brought to you by Luigi Memola, 3D Artist and Concept Designer. Luigi explain his process and techniques used in the creation of his personal work. He will cover topics on the design process, addressing the designer’s need to increase the quality of their work and reduce communication time of an idea from one department to another. He will also push designers to research and develop the appropriate tools and techniques to enhance the creative process.

Kilo Dialogues: Eat Me

Date: April 30, 2015

Hours: 6pm to 10pm,

Place: Kilo Lounge


Kilo Dialogues second installation challenges our perceptions through performance art.
“Smells like Curry” by T_nu.
"T_nu invites you on a quest of identity and communication in "Smells like Curry". Through her performance art, she attempts to employ the viewers senses to explore the fraught intersection of class, gender and race."
After “Rhythm 0” by Rachel Goh (A homage to Marina Abramovich’s 1974 performance)
Rachel Goh is an artist who works in the medium of confession and catharsis. She is interested in the visceral crevices of life, death and sexuality.

Kilo Dialogues: The new Singaporean domestic landscape

Date: March 26, 2015

Hours: 7:30pm to 9pm,

Place: Kilo Lounge


We spend our life inside buildings and the way we relate and we design the interiors of our apartments is a mirror of culture and personality. Particular in Singapore, where the condo created an n-unit dwelling, they ways people furnish their apartment and the objects they surround themselves with, are strictly connected with personality and culture of the cosmopolitan island. In the last years, Singaporean designers created products that play semantically upon shared socio-cultural meanings. 

The lecture aims at reading retrospectively what Singaporean society is via domestic spaces and design products and to compare it to other Asian realities.



Date: March 21, 2015

Hours: 6pm to 10pm,

Place: The Working Capitol


Design Market Xchange is an experiment on design and a conversation starter. 

“Bring, weigh and exchange your object. Bring us something you want to exchange with something else, lighter, better designed!”

The only rule: take away an object of design that is lighter than the one you brought in!

The experiment will be concluded with a comparison of the starting stories and the final ones. Inspire us and tell us your story. 

Lina Bo Bardi


Date: November 28-30, 2014

Place: Art Gallery Dia.Lo.Gue 

Jakarta , Indonesia


Savina Nicolini and Laura Miotto ideated a two days event (exhibition and symposium) to bring attention – on the hundredth anniversary of her birth – to the importance Lina Bo Bardi original contribution to architectural debate and to various fields of research in related disciplines such as design, theatre and aesthetics.

Lina Bo Bardi (Rome 1914 – São Paulo 1992) is considered one of the most influential figures on the architectural scene of the last 50 years. Studies about her work and intellectual role are mostly posthumous but her reputation as a creative innovator is growing exponentially together with a passionate interest in her oeuvre.


Date: July 11, 2014

Place: Sunlught Showroom



Mauro Moro met Luca Chinello from viabizzuno to discuss a lighting project. From that occasion in a month time we had aida’s meeting at sunlight showroom in purvis street. Savina Nicolini presented aida’s mission and Paolo Marzetti, shared with us his company highlights of the year together with some special red wine, labelled viabizzuno of course. It has been a very inspiring meeting with a company for which “design is a way of being, thinking and acting dedicated at 360 degrees to every action and thought in life.” 

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